Friday, June 1, 2007

Going Postal

Although we've become accustomed to the minor irritation of postal rate increases every few years (and what are you supposed to do with those leftover 2 cent stamps, anyway?) a rate increase slated to take affect in July could seriously affect the ability of small presses (like yours truly) to operate financially. According to the LA Times:
For this latest round of rate hikes, the U.S. Postal Service proposed a 12% increase that would have affected magazines more or less equitably. Then, in an unprecedented move, that plan was rejected by the Postal Regulatory Commission, the body responsible for setting rates. Instead, it approved a complicated pricing system based on a proposal by Time Warner Inc., the largest magazine publisher in the country. Rather than base rates on total weight and total number of pieces mailed, the new, complex formula is full of incentives that take into account packaging, shape, distance traveled and more.

The Times editorial says rates could increase as much as 30% for some small presses. Freepress has an online petition and more information about how to get involved.

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