Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Come get your smokin' hot poetry!

Smoking bans are spreading like the dickens—or, to be completely corny, like wildfire. So what can be done with the scads of cigarette vending machines left lying about? Some folks in the UK have seen fit to turn them into PVMs: Poetry Vending Machines. Some other folks in the UK find this a none too bright idea. The point the Guardian blogger makes is valid. But I have to say that I also think anything making poetry, or any literary art, more visible is a pretty great.

Now if I could just find one painted pink or gold with a fancy arch and some mehndi designs, I would totally be in business. The only work left to do would be vagueing up some of my own work to make it ready for vending.

Only thing is, last cigarette vending machine I saw in these parts was years ago at Marion’s Piazza. Don’t know where else I’d find one.


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equinoctial said...

In Portland, Oregon this has been going on for awhile: