Monday, December 10, 2007

Teen Angst Poetry

I am a big fan of bad poetry. And bad writing in general. Then again, that should be apparent from my appreciation of campy movies (see post from October).

One of my favorite sources for reading bad poems is, where sadly misguided efforts (though they felt right at the time) are submitted by their now grown up writers. Very funny stuff. And you can find everything organized into thematic categories like "I Am Alone and No One Understands My Pain" and "Obvious Metaphors."

My favorite Obvious Metaphor poem that they once posted is this little ditty from a contributor named Arran (from age 16):

Coleslaw Girl

I am the coleslaw girl
everything about me
is shredded.

I used to be whole
where did I go
to become this mess?

I am the coleslaw girl
grated & ripped apart

loosing my mind.


If anyone reading this wants to share a short poem, or line, from a teen angst riddled voice, I'd love to read it.



barbara jane said...

hey danny,

would you like an excerpt of something i wrote when i was 14?

"...behind the mask, black liquid hatred boils..."

danny said...

Wow, Barbara! That was really an amazing line. Thanks for the post!

equinoctial said...

this is actually a comment on the blue light's current mood, not this post...i just wasn't sure where else to put it.

ok, that photo is out of control!