Monday, April 14, 2008


My friend Steven and I were talking in the office last week about the upcoming Indiana Writers Conference, and I gushed about how exciting it is that Karen Joy Fowler will be one of the guest workshop instructors. Steven brought to my attention about the reading series that tech company Google has called Authors@Google -- tapings of which you can view on YouTube -- which happens to have a dual feature of Fowler with Kelly Link (love her too!).

Junot Diaz, Anthony Bourdain, Aimee Bender, and George Saunders are just a few of the many other writers that have been showcased at this wonderful reading series. Now, mind you, I grew up in the Silicon Valley and have many friends who are in the tech industry. My friend Meling, a self-proclaimed nerd, works for Yahoo! back in California; even she gets so bogged down with her work that she has to vent about how dry and boring it is to live daily with words like 'html' and 'code' and all that jazz. So bless you Google for bringing the literary arts to the cubicle moles that make our increasingly technology-dependent world go round!


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Megan Savage said...

I'd never heard of these and I'm super excited to learn about them!