Monday, February 23, 2009

Address Unknown

We shipped issue 30.2 out in mid-December, and now, finally, we are just about caught up with address updates on all the magazines that have been returned to us. Indiana Review has a pretty small administrative staff, which is almost always the perfect size for meeting the magazine's needs. However, when people move and forget to send us their current address, it can really add a lot of pressure to the staff: processing returned magazines, updating all those addresses at once, and re-sending those magazines that were returned to us (which means at least twice the postage costs!).

We certainly understand that there's a lot to think about when you move: deposits, coordinating rent for two apartments, scheduling appointments for your cable or your telephone, setting up the electric and gas, not to mention all the horrid packing and unpacking. Moving is (well, for most of us) a pretty miserable experience. So yes, we definitely understand.

But if you would remember to drop us an e-mail with your new mailing address--pretty please--it would be a great help to us, and we will think of you especially kindly!

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