Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time to Get Your Poetry On

In honor of National Poetry Month, we have a few links for you to help you celebrate:

Sign up to get a poem delivered to your email inbox every day: And put a poem in your pocket.

Poetry and Politics:
From their website:

100 Poems, 100 Days

The day before the inauguration we sent out a call to poets we admire to write poems that respond, however loosely, to the presidency, the nation, the government or the current political climate. More than one hundred American poets responded immediately. The first 100 poets were each assigned one of President Obama’s first hundred days in office, and each will write a poem reflecting on the state of the nation and the world on that day. A new poem is posted every day.

(This project was started by Rachel Zucker and IR contributor Arielle Greenberg. There are also poems by contributors Kevin Prufer, Nin Andrews, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Erika Meitner and more!)

Also, ask your mayor to make it official.

From all of us at IR, we wish you a very happy National Poetry Month.

1 comment:

hannah faith said...

I do not mean to be a spoilsport. However, I need to warn you:

I originally threw that 100 days/100 poems up in my RSS feed because it sounded cool. But some of the poems on there suck. I had to unsubscribe after David Lehman's offering. (Day 25). That man can write a poem but he did NOT do so for that site.

I'm all for people reading more poems - but not crappy ones.