Monday, September 14, 2009

Shout outs!!

Congratulations to Hannah Faith Notess, IR's very own poetry editor from volumes 30.1 and 30.2 who is the editor of the forthcoming collection of essays, Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical. Here's a blurb from Publisher's Weekly, or you can read more about this book at the publisher's website.

“Written by experienced women writers from diverse evangelical Christian backgrounds, the tales are honest, approachable and revealing. Each author has put aside her inhibitions about exposing the flaws of her home church—from power struggles to the indoctrination of shame—and takes evangelicalism to task for its ‘carefully filtered’ yet ambiguous conventions. Yet all of the authors tell of a more realistic, meandering faith, enduring even while rife with doubt. Readers will be inspired to re-examine their own beliefs and perhaps even create their own un-testimonies.”
Publishers Weekly

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