Monday, February 15, 2010

Albany Lit Mag & Small Press Fair

Attention Albany Lit Lovers! Hundreds of regional and national independent literary publishers (Including Indiana Review!) will converge to sell their journals for only $2 an issue and books for $4 each at the CAPITAL LIT: CLMP's First-Ever Albany Lit-Fest

Sadly we won't be able to attend the Lit-Fest in person, but we are excited for the coming together of literary folk in NY and it sounds like its going to be a blast. Here's a snippet of info:

The all-day festival includes a panel discussion on publishing, readings by some of the region’s most notable authors and the Albany debut of Karaoke + Poetry = Fun!


12-6 Book fair, Saint Joseph Auditorium

1pm Potlach with Colie Collen

2pm Indie Publishing Discussion

5pm Reading and discussion with Shane Jones, Tobias Seamon and Barbara Louise Ungar

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