Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back Issue Sale finale: 28.1, 30.1 31.1

"Skyway C25" by zonefox

We're nearing the end of our Back Issue Sale! Next week, we'll start our Blue Light Trivia Contest, which means you have a chance to win a free back issue every week in July!

So, June is coming to a close, and that means fireworks and barbecues and hopefully sunshine galore. But check out that snazzy skyway to the left -- now where, oh where, is that in the present? Will we ever use trash as fuel? Self-adjusting, self-drying clothes would also be incredible. But since most of us don't have billions of dollars to invest in such inventions (I've been told hoverboards exist, with some limitations), we look to fiction instead.

And other literary imaginings!

Issue 30.1 (Summer 2008) has a fabulous Funk feature. Starting on p. 115, you can even see a flipbook-style animation on both pages as you continue to read (or flip). Aracelis Girmay's "Orpheus, When Your Voice Is Dressed In Jackal" is a funky work of beauty: "I could lose my loneliness tonight, / I could put it down / on a Sunday so good / I forget my name, leaving it panting / on the big, black street / as the stars eek out above us / humming gloria."

Issue 28.1 (Summer 2006) features Latina & Latino Writers. Diana Marie Delgado's language captivates in her poem, "In the Romantic Longhand of the Night": "Let's kneel on gravel, take apart the lace / of fruit, and blade the wool of gracious lambs / that kiss hard and eat the changing face / of meadows."

In Issue 31.1 (Summer 2009), Rachel May's story "Soon, Baby, Soon" begins:
Awe is when something is so splendid that you can't even say it, and your face goes all surprised, because you're seeing something so good you know it's not ever going to happen the same way again. Momma says awe and taught me how to use it, too. I'm nine and I know some big words like awe and marvel and wonder. At the beginning of summer, I asked Momma for some words that mean you think something is unbelievable and she gave me those, like candy from her palm.
There's so much more -- so many stupendous words -- in these issues than we can excerpt. Order here at $5/each before they're going, going, gone!


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