Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blue Trivia Question the First

Hello all – I’m Kristina, the summer prize and contest intern here at the IR.  I’ll be bringing you the Blue Light Contest questions and answers every week.  Our first “blue” trivia question, then, is about one of my favorite subjects – the blues.

So, without further ado:

This Chicago musician once said, “My blues look so simple, so easy to do, but it's not. They say my blues is the hardest blues in the world to play."  He also helped Chuck Berry to stardom by getting him his first record contract.

The first to give this blues man’s birth name AND his famous nickname wins a FREE copy of the 32.1 Blue Issue!  Remember to e-mail your answer to inreview (at) indiana (dot) edu.  We will choose the winner based on accuracy first, then on response time.

Good luck!  -K

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