Monday, September 13, 2010

Featured Poetry Website:

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This week's featured poetry website is Motionpoems a collaboration between poet Todd Boss (his first collection Yellowrocket was published by Norton a couple years ago and was stellar. Check it out if you haven't already) and artist Angella Kassube. While relatively new, has produced some absolutely beautiful graphic reditions of poems. It's also drawn (yes, terrible pun intended) such poetic giants as Jane Hirshfield, Marvin Bell, and Robert Bly.

Below are a few of my favorites. (To copy the url, I had to go to youtube. Go to for the actual site and better quality videos.)

Click Here for Tim Nolan's "Old Astronauts"

Click HERE for Freya Manfred's "Swimming into Winter"


Click HERE for Todd Boss' "The God of Our Farm Had Blades"

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Maureen said...

What fun! Thank you. I will pass this site along.