Monday, September 6, 2010

Poetry on the Interwebs!

Greetings, fine people of the internets,

As the new Poetry editor of IR, I have the distinct pleasure of blogging poetry related news to you weekly. This is a good thing, since much of my writing procrastination involves wandering aimlessly around the web, finding audio or visual poetry to charge the lazy synapses. For this first week, I’d like to highlight a website I can never get enough of: is a website that brings writers and graphic artists together to collaborate on beautiful graphic interpretations of a text. Below are a few I particularly admire.

Click Here for April Kopp's poem "Whether It Suffered, or It Did"

And Here for Esther Lee's (a former IR Editor) "The Blank Missives"

And finally Here for Ander Monson's "Index for X and the Origin of Fires"

Best wishes,

Keith Leonard


Maureen said...

The correct url is and not, as you list in the post.

Thank you for bringing the site to readers' attention. I enjoyed browsing it.

Indiana Review said...

Thanks for the catch Maureen! The URL has been corrected