Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Featured Poetry Website:

Poetry People,

For this installment of our occasional series on poetry websites, we bring you . Linebreak is a weekly online magazine featuring original poems with a special twist-- each poem is read and recorded by another working poet selected by the editors. Not only are the featured poems solid, but hearing them in a voice other than the author's can be a pleasure. 

Here are a few links to former contributors of IR featured on Linebreak:

D.A. Powell read by Geoffrey Brock

Bob Hicok read by Ash Bowen

C. Dale Young read by D.A. Powell

Traci Brimhall read by Jeff Simpson


Keith Leonard
Poetry Editor

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Anonymous said...

How come we can't see the poem that Keith Leonard read so beautifully? Huh? Huh! Give the people want they want, son!

--Love, Marcus