Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars and Other Awards

It's true. I watched the Oscars last night with some friends, admiring the purple frocks and pretty people in my hometown sunshine, while I listened to the rumble of thunder outside and read from the New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics on Alliterative Verse.

Wouldn't it be fun(ny) if several industries held such grand events, red carpet, televised awards shows for third grade teachers, or fire fighters, or IRS agents, or acrobatic dogs. Oh wait, the dogs have one. But still, what if instead of America's Next Top Model, Tyra went searching for America's Next Top Poet. What if next year's reality show like Top Chef were based in a writer's workshop? It's funny to imagine what footage they could take: a writer at her desk. Close up on her pen--does she prefer ball point or felt tip?

Even though most writers don't often get to borrow diamonds and designer tuxes, we have our own glitz and glam. Our own celebrities and awards. And I'm pretty okay with the fact we don't need to walk around in five inch sparkly heels. Not that there is anything wrong with sparkles or heels.

If you got to nominate a writer for an Oscar, who would you choose? For what category? I think I'd nominate Daniel Nester (featured in 31.1) for Most Twitterrific.


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