Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best New Poets 2007 is Here!

A brand new shiny copy of Best New Poets 2007 arrived in our office this week with Tyler Mills' poem "The Violin Shop" right there on page 50. We're proud to have printed that poem in this summer's issue, 29.1, and even prouder that it was included in BNP! Way to go Tyler!

And it has a delightful new book smell...

The collection can be purchased from University of Virginia Press.

So I was curious about who the guy on the cover was. Turns out, according to their blog, all their cover photos are stock photos! Weird. Something about the cover design definitely led me to believe the person on the front is one of the poets included in the collection, or at the very least, one of last year's poets. Hmm...

Oh well. It still looks like a great collection!


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