Monday, February 11, 2008

Sha-boo-ya: Roll Call!

Hey IR Senior Staff, now that you're back in the office from working your butts off at the AWP Conference, let's debrief:

What was your favorite thing about being at the conference?

Jenny: Getting to meet former IR editors and seeing what they're up to. Some are teaching, one I remember is a student again, and another is working with Ploughshares--all while doing other projects, of course.

Hannah: The A&B Reading. The bar was really nice and the audience was fun. Not only did we get to present Ross Gay, but we got to hear poets I haven't had a chance to read before.

Danny: The All-Collegiate Afterhours Poetry Slam sponsored by Wilkes University and Etruscan Press. (thanks for organizing that Jim!)

What was the favorite thing you ate in NYC?

Jenny: A pistachio encrusted salmon (at the Flea Market Cafe). An absolutely enormous gulab jamun at Basil Leaf. And a really spicy dosa...somewhere, can't remember.

Hannah: Went to this Afghani restaurant in the East Village. Favorite dish of the evening: eggplant with lamb. And a classic bagel and cream cheese.

Danny: $3.50 Recession Special (two hotdogs and a smoothie) at Gray's Papaya. Okonomiyaki (Osaka-style stuffed savory pancake) and Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) in the East Village.

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