Monday, February 25, 2008

Sexy Readings

Last night I had a chance to attend the Sex Worker Art Show which is currently on tour. I highly recommend seeing it, if it comes to your town. It features nudity, burlesque performances, fireworks and human orifices, as well as musical numbers about strippers named after Saint Bridget: The Patron Saint of Babies! What more could you want?

Personally, when it comes to art, my eye always finds its way towards more "underrepresented" voices and communities. Sex workers being one of the many, lately, that I've been gobbling up (pun intended). Especially when it comes to literature. You should check out these fine selections of hot anthologies of sex worker writing:

Working Sex (pictured above, edited by Annie Oakley) includes personal essays, stories, monologues, and plays from all different parts of the sex industry -- porn actors and escorts and street whores, oh my!

Tricks and Treats(edited by Matt Sycamore Bernstein) will take you in the nits and grits of worker-client relations, as it's all sex workers writing about the people who pay the bills.

And my graphic lit recommendation would have to be Michelle Tea's collaboration with Laurenn McCubbin Rent Girl. Great story and amazing artwork about a young woman's involvement in the sex industry on different sides of the U.S.

Enjoy, you naughty people!


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