Monday, October 26, 2009

Concerning Bees and Staying the World

Reading through all the submissions it has come to my attention that there is much concern for bees. Bees have become metaphors for a number of things, they are crawling through the pages, over the words, bees are swarming and humming and disappearing into the innards of flowers. What is going on with the bees; why so many writers concerned with keeping bees buzzing through their work? The many appearances of bees in the poetry and fiction made me do a little google research.
Then, I found this informative NY Times Article on the disappearance of bees. I had heard the rumor, but had not stayed up to date on the apiary news.

The disappearance of bees in the U.S. and the preponderance of bees flitting through the fiction and poetry submissions around the IR office has made me think about the role of words in an ever rapidly shifting world. What role do our words play in preserving the natural world? Will speaking bees into our poems and stories act as peter-pan hand-claps that preserved Tinkerbell's life? Learn more about Bees Here.

bzzzingly yrs, Alessandra

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