Monday, October 12, 2009

On Technology, Podcasts and Twitter

Here at Indiana Review we value technology that brings people together! While technology is not always easy to master or to understand how it works, we strive to be on good terms with it.

I am happy to announce we have uploaded a new Bluecast of Eugene Gloria reading his poems "Young Americans" and "My Favorite Warlord" which are forthcoming in our next issue 31.2. It was fun to hear him read and ask him a few questions about his poems! Join in on the good times by scrolling down on the left side of the screen and clicking the "play" button.

In the spirit of technology, we have also decided to join the Twitter community. If you are on Twitter, you can follow IndianaReview and get updates about the goings-ons at IR like contest deadlines reminders, podcasts announcements and other fun facts.

Be Well, Alessandra

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