Monday, August 9, 2010

1/2 K Prize Winner 2010

We are taking a momentary pause for our reading recommendation series to Congratulate and Thank winner and all the participants of our 2010 1/2 K Prize! The 1/2 K prize is one of my favorites to read for. With the only rules being: no more than 500 words and no line breaks, we never know what we are going to get, but we are always blown away by the variety and awesomeness of all our submissions.

This year we are pleased to say
Congratulations Stripped - Myspace Glitters

to Paul Griner of Louisville, KY for his piece, “You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone.” Alberto Rios, our esteemed final judge selected this piece as our winner and said, "With its deceptively simple voice, “You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone” reminds us of something liminal but true—that the world is at work as much as we are, vibrant with intent and purpose and potential. In this piece, a knife is a knife—and not simply a word. Metaphoric as much as literal, quick as the slice of that knife, in these few moments we enter our own world through another doorway."

Congratulations also to our Runner-Up, Megan Baxter of Hanover, NH, for her piece “Dear Billy the Kid.”

Thank You Glitters - Myspace Glitters

to all of the writers who submitted to this summer's contest and made it such a success and a joy to read for!

I'm feeling as glittery as the images on this post! Thank you all for submitting to and supporting the work at Indiana Review! We are now looking forward to our fiction prize.


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