Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good reads

I found this ingenious bookshelf on Lifehacker. I've always been frightened of the stepladders often found in used bookstores and gargantuan private libraries, so this is excellent.

August means packing and moving for many here, so storage solutions have been on my mind -- and summer cleaning. Especially as most writers and vehement readers maintain a ferocious hoard of books. I moved here without lugging too many of my books with me, and yet I've found that I've had to call back home and have my parents ship more of my books to me just so I can find certain passages, paragraphs that still leave me stricken. And I've also been using BookMooch, which is a nifty indirect book-trading tool. My end result: lots of books, at least half of which I haven't finished. Sort of like transferring hundreds of songs to your MP3 player and skipping most of them.

So when do you think, I've got too much to read? Dear readers, do any of you have a specific solution, a ground rule? "One in, one out"? I've a friend who insists that audiobooks are the way to go, but that doesn't work for me.

And that said, what have you finished reading so far?

Lastly, the fiction submissions are pouring in! It's astounding.


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