Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rest in Peace, Buddy Miles

A towering figure in Funk, drummer Buddy Miles, passed away on Tuesday. Miles was best known for his work on Jimi Hendrix's Funk/Rock group, A Band of Gypsys. If you don't have their self-titled album, slap the keyboard out of your own hands, and run to the store and get it. It's that good. Miles was a large part of the equation that helped Hendrix explore his Funk sensibilities so successfully.

According to Wikipedia, Miles also did some work with Parliament, which I didn't know, but that seems just about right. It also says he was the voice of those claymation California Raisins (which I loved when I was little), which is surprising and
for some reason slightly disturbing.


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Mark Leach said...

Subject: Buddy Miles Memorial Concert Thank you's
Body: "Message from Muggie,

From Mark Leach, The Miles and Hicks' family's and all of the members and crew of the BUDDY MILES EXPRESS;

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and respect to all of you who contributed their time and talent making Austin's "BUDDY MILES" Memorial concert such an astonishing and memorable sucess..

First, for those who were unable to attend,

The lineup included:
--Cyril Neville and Tribe 13
The Buddy Miles Express:

--Mark Leach - B3/synth/vocals

--Rod Kohn -Guitar/vocals

Chuck "Popcorn" Louden-Drums

--with B.M.E..Special Guests

--Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic/ George Clinton)- Sunth

--Tommy Shannon (SRV's " Double Trouble") -Bass

-- Gregg Errico -Drums (Sly'and the Family Stone)
-- Cynthia RobinsonTrumpet/vocals (Sly'and the Family Stone)
-- Jerry Martini- Tennor sax/vocals (Sly'and the Family Stone)

--Leon Hendrix (Jimi's Brother) Guitar/vocals

--Randy Pavlock and 24/7 (co-band leader, coordinater)-guitar
--Dug Pinnick - Bass/Vocals (Kings X)
--Gary Lewis -Alto Sax
-- Tammi Brown Vucals/Tambourine (Stanley Jordan)
--Dylan Meek -Piano
-- Vernon Davis Guitar/vocals
--Geoffrey Mennin -Piano/Organ
-- Ruben Rayes_Percussion

Con Funk Shun's
Felton Pilates, & Band


Lance Lopez Band

TR .


The Sixth Chamber (from L.A.


Rocky Athas Band



Extra special thanks to,

"Threadgill's" for providing their stage under the stars as the setting for such a great night.

Bernie Worrell- for keepin' it funky like a bow legged monkey.

Love ya man!

Dug Pinnick- for singin' and four stringin' like nobody's business

Cynthia Robinson -for singin' and bringin' your special glo to the

Felton Pilates- for saving my backside when my organ never showed up... oh yeah, and for bringing the Funk Shun to the function in pro style.

Leon Hendrix -for love you allways bring to the stage.

Tommy Shannon -for bringing it on for big Bud. He thought the world of you. Ditto for me.

Cyril Neville- and his band for setting the bar for the rest of the show. Worked like a dream.

Rod Kohn just for being your bad $#% self and helping to make it all come together so allways

Popcorn- for givin' us the Bud ya got in your blood. Drums Drums Drums..

Randy Pavlock -for your many hours of work and dedication to help make this a "Night to Remember". Keep on rockin' the blues. It was great.

Vernon Davis- and Tammi Brown for the heart and soul in your voices. You did take us Down By the River.

Gregg Errico- for.... well for... uh I bet the drum set won't forget that whoopin' soon.

What a bad man!

Geoffrey Mennin.- for shining "first class" as usual.

We owe you much over all these years and look forward to many more

Jerry Martini -for the joy of sax. Also thanks for reminding me just how bad you are.

Hats off !!

Dylan Meek -for bringing your "one of a kind" ness to the stage. Much love my brother.

See you again soon!

Gary Harris- for the studio, the rehersal space, the smooth transportation, the hospitality, the brotherhood and last but not least, for taking the funky "G" sax to the max.

The Sixth Chamber -or your patience after a long journey. All the luck to the band. Sorry you got so little stage time but it didnt stop ya from kickin up a storm.

Ruben Rayes- for the fine percussion work and for gettin' me back to the roost in style.

Lance Lopez -for takin' no prisoners. Didn't expect ya to my bro.

Maximus Ent. =For doing what they do best.

T.R.Anthony for moving ua all with your beautiful memorial solo.

And foremost to Buddy's wife Miss Sherrilae and daughter Chelsea for changing my best friends life into something he had allways hoped for. Buddy Miles left us as a happy, truly loved man thanks to you. I will never forget..And by the way, what a beautiful event you built too ladies!