Thursday, May 13, 2010

...brings May flowers?

It's May now, and has been for some 13 days! At IR, May is a time of transition: new editors, new interns, new schedules. I, previously the associate editor, have moved from the desk on the right side of the office to the desk on the left side, and now carry the title editor. From my new desk, I can see everything I used to see from my old desk, just at a slightly different angle.

However some things are the same every May, such as Tornado Watches, and loud thunderstorms, and of course our 1/2 K Prize. Our 1/2 K is one of my favorite prizes, perhaps because like the month of May, its malleable and full of change and surprise, just like its oblique name. We call it 1/2 K because we thought calling it The 500-words-or-less-prose-poem-short-short-or-flash-fiction Contest was not that catchy. I think both names capture the flexibility of the genre. The prize is open until June 15th! Take a look at our guidelines, and then submit!
Much IR love,

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