Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The revolution is here.

...OK, not quite! But we will do our best.

Ahoy there, I'm Deborah, the new Associate Editor! I'm so stoked to be here. Fun fact: I kick-started my summer with my first trip to Seoul, Korea to visit family and just take in the sights. One of the things that struck me was the frenetic energy that infuses much of the city -- unbelievably huge masses of tourists and residents, bustling by the street vendors and blazing neon signs all fighting for attention. I've been to big cities before, but nothin' so far beats east Asia capitals. I do love metropolises, though I must say I'm glad to be back in Bloomington and its vast stretches of Midwest trees and fields. I think my ideal is to divide my time between places, to keep switching my geographic coordinates. Skyscrapers and coasts and great mountains and sprawling woods.

Which is why I think IR is so cool. Last year's staff did an amazing job, and I dearly miss their wonderful, wonderful insight and company. However, I'm also excited to work with the incoming editors! There's been several mentions so far, but I thought I'd put up the complete roster:

Alessandra Simmons, Editor
Deborah Kim, Associate Editor
Kurian Johnson, Fiction Editor
Keith Leonard, Poetry Editor
Sarah Suksiri, Nonfiction Editor

The nature of rotating editorships reminds me of the shifting geographic coordinates I mentioned earlier. And I think of the changing of the guard as a "refreshing," which isn't to say that the past is old and tired. But it's more a focus on what new people and new kinds of energy can keep bringing to IR, which means new places, new antics and adventures!

That said, a current enterprise: we're hoping to refresh our website. Soon. It's been quite interesting trying to figure out how to work with the WordPress platform.

In the meantime, a reminder: the 1/2 K Prize postmark deadline is June 15. You've still got a while, so send 'em in!

All my best,

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