Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodbye, Dear Readers

Hi, All,

Today, my last day as Fiction Editor, I swam for my customary hour. As I alternated between the crawl and the dolphin kick, I was trying to work out the logic of a story I'm working on. I made some ripples. Afterward, I stepped into the sunshine and headed to the IR office. I'm here in the office now. The fan blows, the treetops are visible through the window, and all the issues of the magazine surround me. I'm penning my last-ever blog as fiction editor. I'm sad to leave you, readers. It's been a wild, amazing journey. I'll remember and cherish it always. Thanks for riding the wave with me. It's been an honor to have read your work.

Not to worry, though. Kurian Johnson will be taking over in the fall. And he's an awesome wave-rider, too.

Keep writing/riding,


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