Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Poetry Prize Winner

Photo by Robert Steadman

Announcing our winner of the
2011 Poetry Prize

"Because the Birds Came"
John A. Nieves
Columbia, MO

Our esteemed judge, Marie Howe, said:
"I kept coming back to this poem because of the music and the feeling of it and the sound. A hushed transformation was happening, and it kept happening after I stopped reading. It seems like a love poem, not only for a person, but for the world itself (which keeps transforming) and a true song for what can't be said, but can be understood."

& Runners-Up:

"The Sea of Too Far is Unmapped"
Jill Osier
Greene, IA

"The Fall of Communism"
Craig Blais
Tallahassee, FL

Our warmest congratulations to John Nieves, amazing runners-up, and fantastic finalists. We would also like to thank all entrants for your submissions and your support!



thewest said...
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thewest said...

Curious as to whether my works were "finalist".
Robert Logsdon

Anonymous said...

Were decisions emailed? My submission changed to "Processed," but I was never notified I had been eliminated.

Anonymous said...

^ I only ask because the website says all contest entries are considered for publication, so I don't want to submit it somewhere with a non-simultaneous submissions policy if it hasn't been "rejected," even if it didn't place.


Indiana Review said...

Notifications have been snail-mailed, if you included a SASE, and the authors of accepted pieces have been contacted. Thank you very much for your support!


Prose said...

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and thanks IR for the great contest! I can't wait to read the winning entry.

When do the electronic submitters get notified of the results?