Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dear midwest, no more storms, please!

I've experienced only two years' worth of tornado warnings and tornado sirens, which never fail to terrify me. Friends from the Midwest brush them off, continue walking down the street, say: Oh, nothing ever happens. It's a classic case of boy-cried-wolf. Last Wednesday night, the university issued so many emergency alert texts and emails (Take shelter. No, wait, all clear. Take shelter! All clear. No. Take shelter, really) that I thought it was an error, some glitch in their system.

Well, this time, the wolf hit town, felled the trees, and tore the asphalt.

But we survived (less a car window). Apparently, it wasn't even a tornado -- just "a severe thunderstorm." Our little office is just fine. Now the summer song is chainsaws, leaf blowers, and cranes. And the weekend finally cranked up the sunshine and the heat!


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