Thursday, May 5, 2011

450+ ways to say goodbye

This is it! No more almost. My tenure is officially up. I'm packing up, signing out, handing over my keys. Thank you to everyone who has made my stay at IR the inspiring, fun, amazing year it has been. Keep your eye out for the Summer 2011 issue, which should be back from the printers in a couple weeks. (BTW, its not too late to order a copy, just click here). I'm super excited to see it and be able to hold it. As more and more things become virtual, only housed inside the computer, its quite gratifying to have worked so long on something that one day I will hold in my hands.

Thank you to all the submitters in all genres, it's been a pleasure reading your work! Thank you to this year's staff! Y'all kick a$$ as co-workers, writers, and friends. Only more good things are around the corner as Deborah Kim steps up as editor, Jennifer Luebbers as associate editor, and our fearless genre editors to come: Cate Lycurgus for poetry, Rachel Lyon for fiction, and Sarah Suksiri continuing the art of nonfiction. Which reminds me: nonfiction will remain open for most the summer so submit your essays, challenge the genre, reinvent, reminisce, re-imagine the splender of our nonfictional world and send in your essays.

Peace, love, and fabulous reading,


If ever wondered how to say Goodbye in Texas, or just about any place in the world, here's the site for you.

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Jennifer said...

Alessandra, you are leaving big, big shoes to fill. We will miss you so much!