Friday, April 29, 2011

Adieu, mon blog...

Poetry Peoples,
This will be my last blog entry from this poetry editor. I am genuinely saddened by the ending of my tenure here at our faithful magazine. It's be a pleasure and a half. Being able to read new work by some of my favorite authors and building a store of authors I plan on looking out for over the new few years has been an exciting process. Plus, working with the editing team here has been a dream. Good people abound.
No worries, though. I’ll be passing the torch to Catie Lycurgus, a stellar poet and top-notch critic. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing two workshops with Catie and I can tell you she is one of the best readers I’ve ever encountered. I’m excited to see the issues she helps throw together. Guaranteed to be the hottness.
As a sort of greatest hits to play me out, I’ll lay out the poetry related websites I’ve featured on this blog all in one awesome list for you to peruse. Thank you for reading, poetry peoples.

Be well,

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