Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Publication celebration

We're pleased to to announce Bob Thurber, who wrote the evocative  "Belly Breathing" in 32.2, has a novel out on May 1st! Paperboy will be published by Casperian Books and sounds fascinating. He says:
It's an odd book, unconventional in the sense that its 262 pages are made up of 157 chapters, many of them that could stand alone as very small fictions or vignettes. Many are only a page or less of text, and though there's digression in the story line, the book still resists being a "novel in fragments." As one reviewer put it the sections or mini-chapters "build upon, echo, reflect, and shatter each other." 
Check out some early reviews at B&N, Good Reads, and 3G1B.


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