Friday, April 1, 2011

Poetry on the Interwebs: How a Poem Happens Blog

Poetry Peoples,

In this week's installment of our sometimes series on websites featuring poetry, we bring you Brian Brodeur's "How a Poem Happens."

The blog follows a pretty standard, but largely effective, structure. Each week, Mr. Brodeur interviews a new poet about one of his or her poems asking the same fifteen questions about the piece's generation, its editing process, whether the poet considers it "narrative" or "lyric," and whether or not the poet feels the piece was "finished" or "abandoned." This uniform formatting of the interview actually helps make each interview distinct, as it points to the unique lens each poet brings to their thinking of poetry. Moreover, Mr. Brodeur seems tapped into a vein of exciting new poets such as Nicky Beer, Adrian Blevins, Todd Boss, Traci Brimhall, Matthew Dickman... (and that's just up to the D's).

This week's interview coincidently features Ross Gay, an instructor here at IU and damn good poet. Well worth checking out. Click on the picture to do so.

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